somnia imperii - david marshall (RVRCD70)


Classical Greece was much admired and copied by the Romans in many aspects. It will therefore come as no surprise to find Greek names amongst the instruments used on this recording.

As to the probable sound of Roman music, almost nothing is known. Quite simply, a "style" has to be arrived at on the basis of reasonable assumptions and likely influences. Unavoidably therefore, the music presented here should only be taken as a "suggestion" - one reflecting my personal opinions and feelings on the subject.

However, we do have a good idea of the instruments themselves from mosaics, wall paintings, carvings and, in a few cases, finds. We cannot hope to know everything but it is abundantly clear that music played an important part in many areas of Roman life. Despite the inevitable speculation as to use, identification and tuning of many of these long-vanished instruments, I still felt the need to take up the challenge!

In putting together the programme, it has been my aim to use each instrument's "voice" in a way that suits it best, in order to create what I hope comes across as believable (as well as musical) Roman music.

David Marshall

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